“Creating stories gives me the unique opportunity to live in people’s hearts and minds, if just for one beautiful moment.”

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I'm not going to tell you that I wanted to be a writer from birth as it simply is not true.

When I was young I wanted to be an actress, one that spent a considerable amount of time on the red carpet in a spangly dress. With my best friends, I dreamt up the movies that we'd be starring in. How fantastic and romantic they were, too. So although I didn't put pen to paper, I spent a good portion of my days thinking up characters and putting them in disastrous situations. Later on, at college, I found out that I didn't love the spotlight as much as I thought I would, but developed a taste for work behind the camera, more specifically in TV/Film sound engineering. Unfortunately, as many students find today, the jobs just weren't there for me when I graduated. So, to get by, and gain more skills, I spent four years serving in the British Royal Air Force as a mechanic but left to continue pursuing a job in TV.

My turn did come. I ended up working in the sound department on various projects for the BBC, ITV and small production companies. All the while, my love for stories remained, and because my job was to listen to the actor's dialogue every day for years, I found myself thinking about the scripts themselves, the way dialogue was used, the structure, and so on, and not a minute too soon, in my mid-twenties I came to writing my first novel. My goodness I was proud of that thing! Looking back now, it was a great concept, but terribly written. For the last fifteen years, I have continued to write, all the time honing my skills in character development, story structure, action and tension, and voice. It took a while to be sure of it, but four novels later BROKEN BLUE was finished. It was the first novel I felt that I could share with anyone, the first one that I thought was good enough to share at all. BROKEN BLUE is the first story I wrote that I really fell in love with, and I hope you will, too. 

I continue to write, and coming up in the near future I plan to release the sequel to BROKEN BLUE, and also a YA sci-fi. Keep an eye on my website and social media streams for news of releases. 

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